A momentary holding

Just a little notice that the blog is going to be quiet for a few days while I await things, hunker down with reading (hopefully), and editing Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts (definitely). A moment of hush, and fingers so crossed they seem to have grown that way, like twigs in thicket. I hope for straight-backed birches.


Anyway, the picture above is of my angel of luck and hope – a carnival schie with attitude, decked in lights. Yes some of her lights are broken or missing. She narrows her eyes in the face of doubt. She will throw down her conch shells and they will bust like smokebombs as she flies off to the sound of death metal. Maybe she will eat a whole funnel cake. You just can’t tell with her.


News later, if I have it. If not – I’ll surely have other stories to tell you.



Filed under consolations of reading, The Now

8 responses to “A momentary holding

  1. joplingirl

    She is magnificent in her thinking stance. Hopeful thoughts all around.

  2. Ioanna

    Happy writing/editing!

  3. Deb

    Fingers crossed for good news!

  4. Enjoy yourself, Helen. (I’m desperate for funnel cake right now . . .)

  5. How delicious! I hope all your twigs stand straight and shhhh- (whispering)– don’t let me interrupt your precious writing time!

  6. I like that angel’s style.

    I think I’ll want a belt like that.

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