Sunday Song

I hope you are having a lovely peaceful – or energetic Sunday.

And for this Spring day, a wonderfully peaceful song to listen to. I’m just finished a session of edits with D, and it’s going well so far, but this still helps. So will a trip out to Cramond island, hopefully in a short while.

What is your favourite tune to listen to while lying in a hammock, with a glass of mint-lemonade, a book in either hand, a slow river going by?



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6 responses to “Sunday Song

  1. Lovely, lovely photo. As for the tunes, for me, probably something from radiohead…

  2. Wind blowing and swirling through the trees, that’s my favorite music. Enjoy the island.

    • I love a high wind. Grew up in a gusty place, though there were no trees to string a hammock from – doesn’t that sound strange? But our house was above a moor. Later I lived where the trees were all young, and lounged in the grass instread. Well, now I want to hold a picnic somewhere quiet.

  3. CJ

    Post edit hammock release–I love it. Like Teri this Missouri girl likes nature’s rustle best of all, but I know by heart a few Lucinda Williams tunes that would do the trick on a lazy day.

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