Thinking of vistas in Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts. Thinking: the title fits this, an ache, a wetland of blurred polluted roadscape. The fields endlessly going by and into memory.



Thinking of how we must respond – even in not admitting to responding – to memory, yes, to a landscape, to a sight, to a disconnect of emotions, insistent and tidal, in the songs we hear, the smells, the tastes, textures of rock and bark and flagstone and subway seat. The internet allowing us to express in words wonders, but not to experience them, or only fleetingly. And in life only if there is time, if we are permitted to, permit.



Thinking also, how hard it is to sing in words.



I try to make up a singer, a woman who sang full of space and pain, for Aida to fit her pain, her longing in. I can almost see what she looks like, how she sounds. Her name, Patty Devine, sounds like she’d sing soulfully, Urban, drink-addled, though D. thinks that name signifies a Country singer. I don’t know. I like that sort of space too. A changeable, changing vista. Room, hopefully, for the reader to hear what they need to, out of her non-existent¬†mouth.



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8 responses to “Vistas

  1. You sing in words every day, Helen. And in case you need a tie-breaking vote, I like the name Patty Devine.

  2. Deb

    I like the name Patty Devine, too. Sounds very soulful. I didn’t peg it as pure country. I was thinking more jazzy or blue-sy right away. Maybe that means the name could easily cross genre? You infuse all your posts with emotion, Helen. I can’t see why the story would be any different. Still hoping all the best for you over the next weeks!

    • Thank you – I think I made her up because I’d love to be able to sing well, to know music well, but have neither patience nor any talent in that area.

      Do keep your fingers crossed for me.

  3. CJ

    I recognize that Oklahoma field and let me tell you Patty Devine would come from that flat country with a sky like a lid screwed down on your dreams.

    • So much back story for her – I have the same sort of thing in mind, how she washed up in NYC to sing her heart out there. But she’s kind of a ghost, a refrain in the text. Hopefully growing more solid, hopefully the kind of haunting that lingers.

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