Hallo to all you lovely visitors from The Hairpin

Hope you’ll stick around a wee while and have a mooch about. I take lots of pictures, wander in odd places, and read things and review them. I’m also a writer so there’s a bit about how that’s going too (you can find out more in the ‘about’ section). I very much like comments, so feel free to leave a message here.

Failte na….um, what’s the gaelic for blog? Welcome, anyway.



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8 responses to “Hallo to all you lovely visitors from The Hairpin

  1. love to you schietree. i was thrilled it was your review edith z was referencing.

    • And to you! I thought the discussion between you was marvelous – I’ll have to go back a few times I think to take it all in. Glad to see Green Girl, and Heroines, is going to be on a lot of to be read piles.

  2. This looks like a lovely rich Georgia O’Keefe. She painted a wild one looking up at stars through bare branches. I swear the blue she choose was mesmerising and the stars twinkled.

  3. I fail at clicking links in articles–I read the Zimmerman-Zambreno conversation with great excitement and fascination and immediately ran to your blog to ask if you’d seen it and gleefully pass it on if you had not … only to realize that your review was the impetus for that interview.

    • Ha, it’s been quite surreal. I really enjoy The Hairpin, and was incredibly chuffed that I was quoted on it. Weirdly starry-eyed, in fact.

      It is such a good interview. I also loved the one Zambreno did with The Rejectionist (I can’t remember now, but it may have been the one that alerted me to Green Girl in the first place.)

      • I already had a lot of respect for Zambreno based on the book alone, but Zimmerman has has redeemed herself for me. I was not familiar with her prior to the ToB judgment and my impression was poor, born of my well-documented rage over the perceived injustice meted upon Green Girl (and to the Eugenides as well, but he’s well-read and ubiquitous enough that an article like that isn’t going to impact his readership in the least). But now I think she might actually be kind of awesome. It’s an amazing, enlightening review, particularly coming after the Tournament debacle as it did–I have so much awe that they were able to conduct such an excellent conversation in the shadow of the other. I especially like the idea of Ruth as a direct response to the waif/naif sex-object girl of so many works of art by men that they explore. Somehow that hadn’t occurred fully to me until Kevin, I think it was, mentioned it in his commentary at the ToB, and hadn’t really taken hold until Zambreno elaborated on it there. Fascinating. My desire to reread Green Girl grows evermore.

        Also, I must read Zambreno’s next book. Sounds fantastic.

  4. I had such a nice response from Edith, for that email and also on other times when I’ve sent in links to interesting women-history or bookish things (I don’t currently have a job so I like to find semi-useful things to do with my time, other than write). But I was really blown away by the dialogue. The image of the bird in the cage with the cloth over the top of it – that was a completely new way of imagining beauty, for me at least.

    And yes, I will be jumping on Heroines when it’s released.

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