Kony 2012

Who is Joseph Kony?

You don’t know?

Are you curious?

Is he a character in a novel?

Is he an up and coming film star?

Well, he’s going to be famous soon enough.


Joseph Kony is the head of the Lords Resistance Army. He takes children and makes them into child soldiers. He turns the girls into sex slaves. He trains the boys to maim, to kill their parents and their people. For over twenty-five years he has done this. Uganda, where the LRA originally operated, has tried many times to hunt him down without success. He moves across borders, he hides in the thickets of woods, where he continues to steal children, continues to murder, continues to rape.


Now, a movement has arisen to stop him.

Please, please, please, if you have the time, watch this video

Please re-share. Donate.

Prove the idealistic people in this video are correct in their faith in humanity, despite everything.

Thank you.



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2 responses to “Kony 2012

  1. Oh, Helen. Thank you for this. Just thank you.

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