Further down on that same road

I have been quietly working away on the (technically) second draft of this second novel since July of last year, and now have come to the end of it – I hesitate to say, the true end of the draft, because the work of crafting really begins from here. Up until now, I’ve been hauling my stones up into mountains, raising the trunks of imaginary trees. Now I have to sand the landscape of the novel all down, build it sturdier and into something that will sing when the winds blow over it. If I’ve been a little quieter online, it’s really because I’m half standing in the wilderness, trying to spark the night and day into these characters I’ve been carving out all this time.

I tried today to print everything, but the ink ran out too quickly. I don’t mind, my eyes need time to rest a bit more. I’ll listen to music and read whatever’s to hand, to bring clarity, electricity, back into my world.

Currently this mixtape downloadable free from Oh, Pioneer! is doing a good job. The creator of the list says “This playlist has been personally tested to be suitable for fireside chats in the woods, falling asleep in a tent, quiet nights reading, driving through the mountains, fly fishing, and whatever adventures you can get yourself into.”  And it’s quite lovely, if you are a fan of bluegrass and softly strummed guitar, softer vocals.

That’s mostly all – that and I’ve been reading some enjoyable American Alt Lit fiction from Gabby Gabby. This story (also a download, dependent on the form as well as content) is quite fine and sweet and funny, I think. Ah Colonial Williamsburg, land of swamps and trinkets and people in tri-corner hats putting your money in their electronic tills.



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2 responses to “Further down on that same road

  1. Catherine

    Good luck with your second draft. I have a long book, written before the last two, which I cannot wait to turn to. All that sculpting to complete, shadows and shapes in the distance. It is really a joy to wander through!

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