Share Your Spaces 6

The final post – for now – and it’s three-for-two. Writers, readers, public, private spaces –

This space belongs to: Averil Dean

I used to think I wrote best in silence, behind closed doors, preferably with a Do Not Disturb sign hanging from the doorknob. But over the past several months I’ve begun to see that a change of place is a huge help to me. So my writing space is my notebook, wherever it lands. On the weekends I’ve been known to move from coffee shop to library to park bench to diner, all in a day. When I’ve been in one place for a while and start to get restless, I fold up my pages and take my show on the road. Have notebook, will travel. That’s me.

This space belongs to: Jordan Cox  –

I’m a full-time college student in my last semester of my senior year. Not only do I commute to my university every day where I’m taking 20 credit hours, but I’m heavily involved on campus. But the end of every day (which usually ends in the wee hours of the morning for me), I just want to collapse in my bed. I spend the little alone time I have snuggling with my cat Max (not pictured) and with my PillowPet Harold (pictured) that my friends got me as a sort of gag gift for my last birthday. I also catch up on my favorite blogs via bloglovin’, check my tumblr & do a bit of reading. I’m currently reading Ring by Koji Suzuki.

This space belongs to: Teri Carter

This is my view today.  It’s ever shifting.  I work at the dining room table, and as it’s a round table, I tend to work my way around it as the days pass.  When I get tired of this view, I’ll move a seat or 2 over and Voila!, a whole new space.  The book to the right of my laptop is THE WRITER’S NOTEBOOK, which I pulled out this morning to read a Dorothy Allison essay on writing about “place.”  Through the windows I spot my neighbors if they’re working in their yard (mere feet away) and watch squirrels scurry along the fence-tops.  The bookshelves straight ahead house most of our first editions, and the frames hold requests for reviews of Cormac McCarthy’s “new releases”: CHILD OF GOD in 1974 and THE OUTER DARK, 1968.
The soup container on the left means I’m having lunch and reading the blogs.  What you can’t see?  The 50 lb puppy, asleep on my right foot, snoring; the dozen short-cut yellow roses in a vase hidden by my laptop screen.  My mother’s favorite flower….


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11 responses to “Share Your Spaces 6

  1. CJ

    Pen and paper and tactile comforts all through the writing day. I appreciate the way all the posted creative spaces reflect inner fortitude.

  2. I’d love to see what kind of writing gets written in bed. The clean table with roses and moveable eye-feast matches Teri’s writing perfectly. I never would have guessed that Averil wrote with a pen instead of a computer and I feel completely cheated I didn’t get to peek in her home. Yes, I am nosy.

  3. The mixture of blues in Jordan’s bedroom is such fun. I like the bullseye pillow: Lay head here.

    Teri, this is exactly the way I imagined your writing space. Warm, neat, friendly. I wish we could see the roses. (And we’re due for a new pup-picture. Hint, hint. . .)

  4. macdougalstreetbaby

    Don’t think for a second I didn’t zoom in on your handwriting, Averil. I love that you write longhand. Oh, how I wish I could write longhand!

    Yes, Jordan, your blues are exquisite. That teal wall is my kind of color.

    Teri, I want to know what’s in that frame on your shelf. I imagine it being a personal note from a famous writer, encouraging you in your quest. Your space has such dignity. What a perfect reflection of who you are.

  5. Averil,
    Just like MSB the thing I was most taken with was the writing. It’s so small and rounded. You write with such raw clarity, I would have bet money it was tall, thin and jagged. Ha! So off.
    Such a cozy room. So many writers of yesteryear wrote while lying in bed. Hats off to you. I’d be asleep iin 2.5 seconds.
    That warm dark wood, cocoon-like, surrounded by books and windows and the occasional neighbor’s wave as they peer in at your strange “hobby” as you duck hoping they didn’t see you and come knocking. Oh, yes. I see you all over this room including the malleability of the view as you switch chairs, day to day, scene to scene.

  6. On one of the magazines I work on, we ran a feature called ‘Architects’ desks’ last year – it featured pictures of different architects’ workspaces. Interestingly there often wasn’t much correspondence between the workspace and the suit of architecture the different designers produced. Maybe a tidy desk doesn’t always equal a tidy mind. Hope your writing is going well.

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  8. How funny — I didn’t know until I saw it, but Teri’s writing space is just as I would have imagined it! And I love that Averil and I seem to have the same taste in pens — though I admit I would have pictured something just slightly showier. Not in an obvious way, of course, but the kind of pen you’d have to turn this way or that in the light before some particular detail reveals itself.

    • The Pilot pens are the best. I like all my writing stuff–pens, paper, notepads–to be really cheap. I’ve tried to write with good pens and beautiful journals like Lyra uses, but they intimidate me, and as you can see my drafts are a sort of stream-of-consciousness mess with half the words crossed out.

      (If I’d known people would be zooming in, MSB, I’d have written something racier!)

  9. Loved this sneaking about. Averil’s pen, Jordan’s swirling cushion and Teri’s impressive first editions. I shift all over my house, depending upon light, season, warm, material. Great post.

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