Share Your Spaces 5

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, depending on where you are. Two more spaces – the first public space we’ve seen, belonging to a writer/blogger, the next a bonus two-picture entry from an illustrator.

This space belongs to: Lyra

Here’s my workspace…always the same seat, second from the end facing out, top tier of the train right next to my clutter you see there; bag of books, lunchbag, and my fuzzy gloves.

This space belongs to: Sydney Smith (AKA SydneyDraws) –

these are of my fifth floor studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. it over looks a suffering street that would be good only for buses if there werent a bus strike in effect. at night the students of the many colleges take over and provide interesting distractions. the place is a mess im sorry but its never going to be fully clean. chairs are missing wheels and the desk is wobbly.  i love it. its forgiving. 



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11 responses to “Share Your Spaces 5

  1. I’m really enjoying these posts Helen. I’ve heard so much from Lyra about writing on the train, it’s good to see exactly where.

    And Sydney’s wall colour looks very similar to the colour of the kitchen walls in my old house.

    Thank you!

  2. Sydney said his work space is “forgiving.” I love that.

  3. Now there’s a word for a workspace: forgiving. How cool is that. I wish I could work in a space like this because, truth be told, I sometimes spend so much time organizing and straightening up I don’t get any real work done. And the green walls. Ahhhhh.

    Lyra, this is a fantastic photo. It’s like a big fat lesson: If you can write a book here, on his slippery seat in a moving vehicle, you can write anywhere. No excuses. Love it.

    • I agree with you, Teri. Lyra’s space screams “writer” to me, because of the determination, the smallness of the space, the detritus of the day ahead. And I really like the train’s color scheme, though that seat does look slippery.

      Sydney’s space is flat-out beautiful. I’m dying for a bucket of green paint and a wobbly desk.

      This may be my favorite blog-project ever.

    • You are all so generous. To add to the romantic notions of my “real writerliness”, I’d like you to look at that seat and remember that I’m 5’9″. My knees are so high they make a perfect desk. Ha!
      Seriously though, this picture makes me sad, for the amount of time I’m
      in motion, not anywhere, leaving no trace when I’ve moved on to the next leg of my commute. Motion, motion, motion. It’s such a cold picture.

  4. CJ

    I love these two together. An orange seat, a wide perspective, and the will to write that’s all Lyra needs. And Sydney’s suffering street and forgiving green room is one I could spend some time in. I love that color and that consciousness.

    Thank you Helen for making room in your virtual space for these creative places. Very, very heartening.

  5. Sydney,
    Your space reminds me more of what my space would look like if I wasn’t always in motion. The tree (live tree, dead branch?) in the corner fascinates me. I love the branches.

  6. The colour has grown on me. I wasn’t sure at first. the tree in the corner is from the one and only animation i made. (spot the tree). Thank you for letting me take part in this project.

  7. This really is a delightful series. I love the snaps, but I think I love the conversations about them even more. Thanks for doing this!

  8. macdougalstreetbaby

    Lyra, I would have bet a hundred dollars that space belonged in Europe somewhere. I am so impressed that you can face perpendicular to the direction the train is headed AND write. That’s beyond flexible. That’s like flipping the bird at boundaries. You so rock.

    Sydney, what a beautiful space you’ve created. Your drawings are spectacular.

  9. I am reading these posts backwards as I’ve been offline. Lyra – what constriction, what determination shows up in this space. Sydney – those powerful walls…

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