Share Your Spaces 4

More generously-shared snapshots into the lives of creative people! Be sure to click the links here as in the other share your spaces posts – you will be rewarded with fine words, insights, images. Sharing their spaces with us now, a blogger/writer and a (formerly anonymous) internet-lit-world bright light/author:

This space belongs to: Macdougalstreetbaby

I sit at the dining room table, with 180 degrees of light pouring in. The only direction I don’t face is south, probably because there are no windows there. I like windows. They help me breathe.

This space belongs to: INTERN

Here’s a photo of INTERN’s writing space.
Techie Boyfriend built this desk for INTERN out of a pile of bricks and a piece of wood we found in the back yard. The wood was frozen when we dragged it inside, and for the first few days it radiated cool air as it thawed. Then bugs started crawling out of it! But now it’s a pretty good desk. The Norfolk Pine makes things a little crowded, but it was the only place in our otherwise dark and chilly rooms that got enough sun. The stack of paper is a print-out of MIDNIGHT AT THE RADIO TEMPLE, which INTERN is in the final stages of revising. 


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14 responses to “Share Your Spaces 4

  1. So lovely, both in different ways. I love how clean and trim is MSB’s spot, and now cozy is the handmade space for the Intern. (The coffee cup is to die for.)

  2. Oh I love the space belonging to The Intern! What a great desk and chair, so clever. And the earthy rich fabrics, lovely.

    And MacDougall Street, so crisp and clean. Orderly and down to business. All the little squares reminiscent of a place for everything. Fascinating.

  3. CJ

    Beautiful both, together, in contrast, and in and of themselves. Noguchi like desk for intern, and clean well lit space for MSB. Love how we all create the space we need.

    • I’m also drawn to the contrast. One so smooth and slick and lit up, waiting for something to happen, the other a colorful and cozy place to cuddle down into — and I love the brick pedestal holding up the desk.


  4. The Intern’s writing space is just how I would have imagined it — the tree (wtf who has a tree on their writing desk? So fabulous), the tapestry, the random piece of wood dragged in. Love it.

    Also love MSB’s….I’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee, sit in perfect silence for a moment in that light, and then start to type.

  5. I’m loving this project! (Rubbing hands together, licking lips.) It’s just as good as going through interesting people’s medicine cabinets or drawers– you are satisfying all my nosy tendencies.

  6. MSB, my MSB,
    This space makes me happy for the light and sad for clean spareness, the you I see missing…like the bookshelf. But I do see you in all the wood, the grounding force of the family, and in a room with so much light where you can look out and see those birds flying free.
    This is exactly where I picture you writing! Hell, I’d picture myself writing there if I didn’t have absolute certainty I’d knock down those bricks the first time I fidgeted ending with a coffee-drenched WIP and third-degree burns.

  7. macdougalstreetbaby

    Oh, how I love the intern’s table! I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

    My space is very light but not very clean. Remember, pictures can be very deceiving. Yes, Lyra, there is much of me missing in this house. For me to feel myself I’d have to take up shop in a big open loft, with paint splatters and open doors. For now, I make do with my corner spot at the dining table. As long as there’s light, I’m okay.

    • Ok, I need to know more about this “missing you” in the house…. that line about knocked me right over.

      • macdougalstreetbaby

        I’m too busy raising my kids, Teri. I have little energy left at the end of the day towards putting my print on this house. I don’t even want to say one day it will happen because once my kids are off on their own, we’ll be leaving.

      • My dear dear MSB. Having lived in houses I didn’t want to live in, in neighborhoods I despised (seemingly for no explainable reason), I understand. I can remember walking around one neighborhood of ours and thinking, “I’m living in a Norman Rockwell painting, and I hate it.”

        Here’s to the paint-splattered walls of your dreams.

  8. I rather enjoy INTERN’s desk, though it looks a bit precarious…something my clumsy foot could unsettle a bit too easily, though. 😦

  9. The hung cloth is gorgeous! It looks like a Batik! 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Subhan Zein

  10. I knew that was MSB’s straightaway. Warm, sleek.

    Intern – I love usefulness, raw smells, balance.

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