Share Your Spaces 3

Two more spaces to explore, belonging to a blogger/writer and a photographer/painter.

This space belongs to: Paul Lamb (of Lucky Rabbit’s Foot)-

I’ve attached a photo of my cleaned up work area — that place I retreat to in order to write. Or attempt to write. Or to surf the internet.
 This space belongs to: Karen (of Draw and Shoot)
I have attached a photograph of my studio space which is in my home. 
The shelves and cupboards are laden with old camera’s, photographs, rocks, nests, art supplies and all kinds of other things I love.
Making it my own is a  work in progress.


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13 responses to “Share Your Spaces 3

  1. Helen,
    These are so fantastic.
    I love the beer picture. Why isn’t it on the wall? I look at your space and think in my mind’s eye, that’s a desk I always imagined writing on, a place so neat and clear for thoughts to gather.
    How much do I love the door to the unknown hung on the wall? Oh, yeah, that much.

  2. macdougalstreetbaby

    I love how one garbage pail is full, the other completely empty.

  3. CJ

    Doors and pictures and tabletop space–all as different as the work we make. I love these posts.

  4. I’m thinking hey, are artist-writer types really this tidy, or did we clean up a bit for the photo shoot? Aren’t we supposed to agree that messy desk is a sign of creativity? But no– here are two creative people with clean, roomy spaces. Now I”m looking askance at my piles….

  5. Amazing tidiness here! Two very industrious workers. Wish my abode were half as ordered.

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