Share Your Spaces Part 1

First off – I want to say a warm thank you to all who submitted your photographs for this project. So many were sent in that I’m going to have to split up the posts to give them the space they deserve (spaces within space), and run them over the course of the next few days. I’m also going to keep the project open for whoever is still havering over whether to dip their toe, or anyone inspired by these images to take a shot – please send your entries (along with a description if possible, and links to your blog) to: wheresthebread[@]

Here are the first two submissions – by chance, two writers.

This space belongs to: Anna Fonte, The Girl in the Hat –

My writing chair is tucked in the corner of our family room. In a small urban home, space is a premium. Can you see how my rear has flattened the cushion and my feet have worn a patch in the carpet? That’s my little spot, but it’s only mine when the girls are in school.

But it’s time for my older daughter to have her own room. Very soon, probably within the next couple months, I will put it all into storage–the chair, my books and papers, the tchotchkes–to make room for her.

It will be fine. It’s only until she goes to college. I will write on the sofa in the living room, without my books. But a real writer can write anywhere, right? The where doesn’t matter, does it?

This space belongs to: Chris J Rice

After numerous shots of my computer screen, keyboard, the floor beside my chair filled with discarded manuscript pages, an empty bulletin board, the stack of books I’m not reading, my beloved dog who waits by the door for me, the kitchen window I stare through, the overstuffed chair I mope in, I decided this image taken with a Shakeitphoto app on my iphone last summer while in the midst of revision to my novel RAMBLER best conveys my work space. The girl on the postcard is my emo avatar, Yoshitomo Nara’s bratty art girl, like me full of petulant longing. 




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17 responses to “Share Your Spaces Part 1

  1. CJ

    Oh! MY God! You posted it. I love Anna’s image of her corner. The color, the mood, the adaptability.

  2. Both of these spaces are so beautiful and full of personality. (Anna, I want that chair!)

  3. I can’t wait till I one day can live in an apartment that is big enough to fit my wing chair. Oh, I wish I had a writer’s corner.

  4. These are fantastic. They’re like the shelf pictures, telling more about us at than at first glance.
    And girl in the hat? I’m sorry you have to give up that cozy corner.

  5. It’s so fascinating to see these carved out spaces, both with a sense of nostalgia and creativity.

  6. Yow! There it is! What a fun project, Helen– I look forward to seeing the spaces and following the links to see if/how they connect.
    Funny how CJ and I both have funny little avatars to keep us company while we write. Friendly faces. I’m going to go visit her blog now.
    Thanks for this fun!

  7. Helen, this is a wonderful project. I love seeing the bits of space that people are willing to show. I always learn something from them.

  8. Great idea, and two great takes on the idea.
    Looking forward to seeing all the others too.

  9. Such lovely tones in the first shot. The waiting, the light, the cold greens.

    And what a cheeky little girl! Right to the point.

    Great project.

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