Which Reality?

I saw this on my travels down into the Dean Village today. Dean Village is an old settlement within a deep gorge (Dean, coming from the word Dene, for deep) within the city of Edinburgh, a fascinating, absurdly scenic place…and while I haven’t finished organising all my photos, I felt like I had to share this one.

In the city where Holmes’ creator was born, this seems quite apt –  and I like to think that the person who wrote this graffiti does believe, in some way, in the existence of their hero. That by writing this affirmation, they might be hoping to call others into doubting the stability of the borders between fiction and reality. Some kind of zen stance, perhaps? It also makes me think of JM Barrie, asking us to clap our hands if we believe in the existence of fairies. Just here, covertly, and transgressively, under the dark bridge at the bottom of the Dene.

What do you believe?




It’s a meme. Quite a sweet one, really. I think my question still stands.



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13 responses to “Which Reality?

  1. >>What do you believe?<<

    At least six impossible things before breakfast.

    Scratch that. Actually, an infinity of them, during breakfast, and after as well.

    • I imagine bubbles of thought, like bubbles in the cereal’s milk. I wish I was so focused in the mornings.

      • Funny you should mention bubbles and milk in reference to reality. In the Vedic cosmology, it’s said that innumerable universes emanate from the pores of Maha-Vishnu, in rhythm with His breathing. Exhale = creation, inhale = annihiliation. Vishnu then expands as Kshirodaksayi Vishnu (also known as Paramatma, the Supersoul of the universe), lying on the ocean of milk somewhere in this universe. See, you’ve got grip on Vedic reality without even trying very hard. 😉

      • It just sprang to mind when I read her post. See my response to her response for an example of one of the impossible things I believe.

  2. Five years in Edinburgh and I’ve yet to visit Dean Village. I’ve been told that’s a sin. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos from your adventure.

    • I lived here for six years before I moved away for university, and in all that time, had never been. It’s sort of an oddity, tucked away as it is. Hope you are spurred into going at some point.

  3. CJ

    I want to come to Scotland after seeing and reading through your eyes there.

    As for your question I believe in becoming.

  4. I believe that there are people who write in graffiti because they are fed up with being quieted. They want something more, something grander.
    I believe in those people.
    I want to be those people.
    And I want to believe in fairies too.

    • Edinburgh is a very calm city for the most part, but I’m seeing more political graffiti than I used to. Less local politics and more about the state of the world. A silent shout that things are not as just as they should be.

  5. macdougalstreetbaby

    At my neighborhood supermarket there are seven or eight different varieties of apples to choose from but I always go for the Macintosh. What can I say? I love the way they taste. The problem is that they’re the only batch that are often bruised. It doesn’t stop me, though. Sometimes I’ll purchase ones that aren’t perfect. Why? Because even if there are a few imperfections, I still believe in goodness. A yummy bruised apple beats out a perfect mediocre one in a heartbeat.

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