Record of the Light

Dappled light, on a hill in Edinburgh

flowers beside the Museum of Childhood, London

Long grass and thistles, summit of an Edinburgh hill

Paris, from the Eiffel Tower

From the hill again: a housing estate, Edinburgh

Thoughts of Summer today, a drench of strong light, and everything growing – though that photo of flowers from London was taken when I went down there at the beginning of this month. Paris – that was taken on a trip for my birthday, in June of 2007. The smaller photographs are ones I brought back from my parent’s house yesterday. I took them on a Polaroid camera when I was about fifteen or sixteen – so perhaps 1998 or so. It must have been summer, because I remember  warmth enough to stay lying in that long grass under a blue sky. Down in the housing estate, in the last picture, is where my family still live.

Today is another day of waiting and doing, bustle and nipping cold.

But I know if I’m lucky there will be further moments like those in these photographs some time this year.


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12 responses to “Record of the Light

  1. It’s funny how much we remember after 10 or 15 years. Lovely photos!

    • Some things stick, others are harder to remember. I always remember moments of peace more than I can recall conversations, even if they were important. Which sometimes gets me in trouble.

  2. CJ

    Yes, your photos are lovely, poignant and so particular. The housing estate–is that similar to a tract of homes here in the U.S.?

    • I think so – the houses were all built at the one time, and look very similar to one another. Every house has a garden, but there are no amenities within reasonable walking distance. A small quiet suburb, at the end of a road of trees, the last stop on the bus line. At some point I’d like to get scans of old pictures from the island I lived on before that.

      • CJ

        Like you I use images as writing prompts. Have traveled to locations to capture the actual for later channeling.

  3. Longing for warmth on your body and mind…I completely relate to that. It’s a far way off here…
    I love the nostalgia of these images.

  4. That Paris photo is amazing. It looks like a child’s creation, made of cardboard boxes.

  5. The flowers…just lovely.
    I love being able to space out to your pictures. There is a story in every one.

  6. J’adore that photo of Paris!

    And I can’t believe there can be a place called the Museum of Childhood. That just breaks my heart.

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