In Scots, a hoolet is an owl:

A friendly owl of Plymouth

A booklet is what I’ve just made online for some ridiculous introductory discount, cheaper than printing them off on my home computer.  A 20 page collection of some of my photos, with some 6×4 prints thrown in free. No hoolet, this time.

One copy of Here and There in a Hazy World, for now, to see how it turns out. I was hopeless with the software, and would like to share it here when it arrives, to ask those who know more (or just have opinions) on what I should be doing with it.

In other, more exciting news: an extract from Kilea is going to be featured on the webjournal, Necessary Fiction. I am very excited about this, but a little shy, hence the hootlet and the booklet to lead me in. The editor contacted me through twitter, which was surprising and wonderful. I’ll talk more about that later, and point signs in the direction of NF when Kilea goes up, but I can highly recommend going over there now for a read, particularly at this funny research notes piece on conducting research by watching fishing on TV and the non-existence of whales.



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14 responses to “Booklet/Hoolet

  1. I wuv owlie or shud that be hoolet.

  2. nzumel

    Congrats on the upcoming publication! Can’t wait to see the booklet (with or without hoolet) as well.

  3. Wonderful Helen, congratulations! I am a bird lover and find your little Hoolet (new word for me) adorable.
    Would love to see you booklet too!

  4. CJ

    Congratulations on the partial of your book being published. I can’t wait to read it.

  5. How wonderful, a book of your photos!

    I look forward to your excerpt. Yay you, and all of these fantastic steps leading you forward, many avenues verging toward the roundabout. If anything is worthy of a Hoolet picture, this is it.

  6. Yayyyy!!! Congratulations, that’s wonderful news. Particularly since you were the contactee–a surprise like that sure beats querying.

  7. Deb

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to read the excerpt! How wonderful. I smell a career in the making….

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