Here and There in a Hazy World

A little wooden house in Oslo

Bow Church (built 1311) in Bow, East London

A strange tower on the Roseland Peninsular, Cornwall

Edinburgh Central Mosque, dusk

So I put my pixlred pictures up on Flickr – the link is here.

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll do with the photos, but moving them online does make them available for anyone interested. I have to look into costs of printing them off (whether professionally, or on my home printer), and then have a sit-and-think about what arty I’d like to do with them, if anything. I start a second illustration course next week, so that will likely expose me to more ideas.  Suggestions/stories welcome!




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23 responses to “Here and There in a Hazy World

  1. CJ

    They look like important days in a sombody’s life.

    • I wonder who lives or lived in the tower, which was all the way down a dark country lane, on a jut of land, in England’s southernmost shire.

  2. CJ

    A Mill on the Floss girl churning with possibility.

  3. Oh gosh I’m in love with strange tower of Cornwall. You tell stories with both words and images Helen. So beautiful!

  4. Really beautiful photos. i am glad that you have chosen to share them with the world.
    I find if I post them to Flickr it allows me to visit them more that I would if I just printed them or left them in a drawer somewhere. When I have looked at them for a little while I can get a sense for the ones I like and want to print and keep around on the walls of the house. The rest become cyber dust that remain as happy memories of days out.

    • ‘Cyber dust’, yes, that’s the word for it. Sometimes I lose photos altogether, when a computer crashes or I forget to transfer a file to a new place. Now some will be safe, for a time.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  5. macdougalstreetbaby

    Beautiful. That strange tower in Cornwall is begging for a story to be written about it. I particularly love the stairs, almost secret and the tree growing so close, one hard rain could wedge its roots loose.

  6. Oh, the atmosphere. These places could not be more different from Vegas. Everything here is hard, cheap and new.

    • hard, cheap, new will eventually become soft and old, and perhaps with a patina of age Vegas might become something else. I like to wonder about cities further down the line in their history. There was a Herman Hesse story on a similar theme, but I don’t remember the name of it now.

  7. CJ

    Calvino’s “invisible cities” that’s what this discussion reminds me of.

    • That book sounds incredible. I only ever started If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller, and gave up when ‘you’ was male. I felt a bit shut out, shamed to say.

  8. CJ

    The non existent knight and the cloven viscount by Calvino is hilarious

    • I’ll have a look for it, especially if it’s not too long (what a terrible reason, but this challenge is making me pick on that criteria, and is throwing up some interesting works because of it)

  9. I love the “strange tower,” inviting and daunting at once.

  10. CJ

    If length is an issue read Carlos Fuente’s Aura–best ghost story I’ve ever read

  11. CJ

    Imagine the mind that could write Aura and Terra Nostra. Brief and epic in his pen and a man very aware of male privilege. Heard him read in Oklahoma and was inspired by his willingness to question his writerly motives minutely and painfully. To me he is a world class writer.

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