Friends, Heroes, Countryfolk

Tulips, Amsterdam flower market

In recent days, two readers have offered me blogger awards for schietree. However, in lieu of acceptance, I’d prefer to forego formalities and just share a few blogs.

First off Seekraz and Melfrommass, who both were kind enough to mention me on their blogs. Seekraz (Scott) posts beautiful pictures micro and macro of the Utah area where he lives, along with thoughtful, humane commentary. Mel is on a mission to see all 351 municipalities of Massachusetts, and finding all sorts of quixotic and beautiful sights – she also talks to any friendly looking animal she comes across too see if they have the inside scoop.

On to writers. Life, family, toughness, and writing: Lyrical Meanderings. Averil Dean, outspoken in the classiest way possible, also engages with her readerships with windows into her life. I hope many of you will go and read Chris J Rice, and try to tear yourself away – a challenge. I never can, even in the age of many distractions. Her memoir-narratives are affecting and powerful, and not nearly enough – I hope to read her book one day soon. Another compelling voice is a short story writer, Casey Hannan, who I’ve just recently discovered. He has links to many of his clear-eyed, brazen, heart-exploding stories on the side bar of his blog. On process, feminism, and literature of the girl there is Kate Zambreno, whose novel Green Girl I hope to review shortly as part of Endless Reads. Handily, she has a post listing some entries from the past year, just scroll down to find them. For a comic, self-deprecating insight into writing and the nightmares of childhood (and writing retreats) – Molly Laich.


There are many more blogs I read – perhaps in a little while I’ll highlight another group of them? But for now, not so many adjectives as to flood you.




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17 responses to “Friends, Heroes, Countryfolk

  1. CJ

    Thank you Helen for the lovely recommendation to read me. One fine gift of this global web we travel is the opportunity I’ve had to *meet* writers such as yourself, and Averil and MSB, and now the ones you’ve recommended to us today.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Helen, for the mention. And, nice flowers!

  3. Thank you, Helen, for your kind words…and for the introduction to new bloggers you hold in high esteem. 🙂

  4. You are so spot-on about CJ. Her words are amazing and I can never stop until I’ve reached the end.

    And thank you for the shout out. The best part by far, bar none, of this blogging business is getting to know people I would never run into in real life. I get to live vicariously, and yours is one of my favorite vicarious places to be!

    • CJ

      Thank you Lyra. I read you too, admiring your perspective so patiently described. Slows me down in a very good way.

      • What a kind thing to say. Thank you CJ.
        Although you may be the first person in the universe to use the words patience and me in one thought.

    • Lyra, glad to be able to point in the direction of your site. It was because of a few comments from you way back last year that I suddenly felt people were reading me, over here. I know I don’t have a huge readership, but if any of them make it over to yours because of the link, I’d feel happy.

      • I’m glad knowing you weren’t writing into the void gave you a boost. The pleasure has been all mine. I’m glad I found you.

  5. Helen, you are the first person to use the word ‘classy’ in the same sentence with my name. I’m grinning ear to ear.

  6. All great writers here, and it’s true it really is a privilege to share thoughts.

  7. CJ

    I’ve checked out everyone you mentioned, and am glad I did. Sorry my blog host does not support notes yet, or comments, or blog rolls or you would all be on it.

    • Perhaps one day you can get a comments box for your tumblr, if that’s a way you’d like to go.

      • CJ

        Tumblr is supposedly soon to implement a fan notes function where readers can send individual and private notes to bloggers. Hope that happens. My Tumblr theme, which I chose for visual reasons does not support comments. So I rely on emails for feedback. Which I love to get of course. All kinds.

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