One long breath out

Snow from our flat in Glasgow, 2009


Bicycles outside the library of the University of Edinburgh, 2011


Ocean City, Maryland


Hadrian's Wall, going on and away



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15 responses to “One long breath out

  1. macdougalstreetbaby

    I love all these photographs. You have a wonderful eye.

  2. CJ

    I’m thinking about Gertrude Stein when I look at this collection Helen. Something about the way the roads are traveled and what that says about a culture.

    • That’s quite a compliment – I wish I could find something worthy to say after this. I was thinking of angles of approach when I chose the pictures – above, aslant, ahead, not anything more erudite, really.

  3. So beautiful. Your photos give me such a lovely way to travel places in my mind.

  4. These are so lovely. The bicycles against the fence are especially striking, with that long diagonal march of spiky posts receding into the distance, and the circular wheels against it.

  5. I love these, the connectedness of them, how there is a ghostliness of manmade constructs, yet no people to be seen. Really beautiful and haunting.

    • I like taking pictures when no one is around. In fact, I like to be in urban centres that are strangely deserted when the light is still good. It’s a good time to think and just breathe.

  6. Beautiful Helen! I am especially enamoured with those snow covered cars. And your title.

  7. I do love the emptiness and graded light, the gentle geometry. Makes me want to go back to photography but I think my ex the ego-filled photographer has stamped on that! Back to words. Do you think it is possible to savour both?

    • He doesn’t have to hold power over your images – and words go rather nicely with pictures, I think – on the internet at any rate. Something about a screen makes my vision slide about, while a picture can provide a little anchor sometimes.

      • You’re right. I need to separate mentally and let myself explore image properly again. But conditioning and influence go a long way. I do love fiddling on the screen, with my camera.

        Yes, those anchors.

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