The High Road to England

Double Rainbow over the Thames

“The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!” – Samuel Johnson, from Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson. I think it was said by Johnson to Boswell (a Scot, and the brunt of many such a jab).


I’m rising early tomorrow, off to London in my carriage of choice, the megabus. D was going to come with me, but owing to lingering ill humours of the chest, is having to stay at home. Down in London, I’ll be staying with friend C – and meeting with my agent for the first time.


Hoping to have internet while down there, and take many a picture like the fluke one above (from a visit to the American Embassy some time in 2004 I think).


In defiance of Mr Johnson, I will be scurrying back to Edinburgh on that same high road on Thursday.




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18 responses to “The High Road to England

  1. wonderful photography, i love it …..keep posting, god bless ya

    • Thank you! It was absolute luck and timing with that one – right after a brief, scary storm (while my mum and I were crossing a metal bridge).

  2. Cool shot. Starting 2012 with double rainbows!

  3. Awesome double rainbow 😉

  4. Many fingers crossed with your agent. Good luck!

  5. CJ

    Yes good luck with your agent. Make sure they deserve you.

  6. To all three of you interested in reading Kilea – thank you!! I will send a flare into the sky when Kilea is published. Or a few of those lanterns – less likely to frighten the coastguard.

  7. Helen,
    I hope your new agent is as excited about Kilea as we are. No doubt, she is. In which case, may you enjoy a pint and a toast in a wonderful London pub. Cheers!

    • Thanks Lyra! I just feel chuffed I finally get to meet her. By the way, I want to comment on your post about seeing bald eagles with your family, but a slow internet connection is making typing labourious at the moment.

  8. What a beautiful photo, just perfect to mark your way. Here’s to KILEA and here’s to your journey. Have a wonderful time, Helen!

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