Quick Shot

This will have to be a shorter post than anticipated (internet costs are mounting by the minute

St Mawes across the bay

Today we revisited St Mawes, where I bought a pamphlet on the local history of the town, which cheerfully records who fell off the quay and drowned, the local troubles with alcohol following the beer laws – which led to any small house aside from those occupied by officers of the sheriff being able to hold a pub licence  – and his best guesses at where the local pubs could have been located. Slight bias there, but it is a charming and useful insight into the area.

Attempts to reach this intriguing, building, opposite St Mawes on the edge of a secondary promontory, proved fruitless – involving some driving that led us into a farmer’s field and later got us stuck, very slightly, on another mud track – something to do with D’s knee accidentally nudging the parking break button on our hired car, locking the back wheels (and not, thank goodness, because we had mangled the back axle).

So, for now, I will now dramatically sign off to resume this thread either on Christmas Eve or after if time hurries on too swiftly –




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2 responses to “Quick Shot

  1. St Mawes is a beautiful little town, one of my friends has a cottage down there and I love going to visit.

    • I’m jealous! D and I were talking about how we’d love to come and stay in a cottage there. We had the best meal in the Victory Inn (fresh crab risotto) and enjoyed all the friendly dogs who were in the pub – such a great atmosphere.

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