Kilea Forwards

“TAKE CARE You are entering remote, sparsely-populated, potentially dangerous mountain country. Please ensure that you are adequately experienced and equipped to complete your journey without assistance.” Road sign in the Highlands.


What happens now for Kilea after winning the UP Best Novel Prize? Well, the journey won’t exactly be like the one above – when D and I went on a rambling, snowcuffed Highlands research trip for the novel in 2007.

For one, no novel reaches an audience ‘without assistance’. Thanks to the bestowal of this prize, Kilea has been edged closer to publication – the exact shape of things is not set, but will be resolved in the near future. I’m sort of dancing around the details – in a joyful way. Rest assured I will keep you all informed here as soon as I am able.



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2 responses to “Kilea Forwards

  1. CJ

    Wonderful! I look forward to reading your first novel, Helen. It will happen.

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