Lovely News!

Arthur's Seat, sunset yesterday. D, my friends A (the film maker) and C (visiting from London) and I decided to climb the iconic Edinburgh 'mountain'. It was a wonderful day - and this was before I found out...


My novel Kilea just won the Unbound Press Best Novel Award! Congratulations to my good friend Gillian Best, who came second with her funny and heart-wrenching novel Carbunckle’s Flight.

To be honest, I am a little giddy at the moment.

Going to have a cup of tea and recover from a glorious weekend, and a fab surprise.



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13 responses to “Lovely News!

  1. Helen, this is wonderful news. Very exciting indeed. Congratulations on the Unbound Press Best Novel Award!

  2. gillbest

    You had the best weekend! Yeah for good news and nice weather in which to climb up very tall things!

  3. Congratulations!! What wonderful news. Cheers!

  4. Helen!!
    Gah! This is so exciting, but after reading your snippets, not at all unexpected. Bask in the happy, my friend!

  5. congratulations! How wonderful. 🙂

  6. Deb

    Wow! Congratulations Helen! If I was a jealous person I’d be green with envy. But as is, I’m happy for you and cannot wait to read Kilea.

    • Deb

      ps – please be sure to let us know the details when it comes available!

      • I definitely will – it’s been quite some time moving towards this, so I’ll likely be so giddy I go rather overboard.

        I expect to jump at The Berry Pickers, when it’s going out into the world.

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