Second Snippet: Intro to Kilea

One way towards Portree, Isle of Skye, which the village in Kilea is modeled on

Carrying on from the intro paragraphs of Kilea:


Everything is so good in this place, she thought, settling her hand on her stomach. The stomach had been bad for the last stretch of the journey. The ferry clanking, opening its mouth around their car. All its noises as other cars crawled in. The man had said, we can sit inside all the way. But the sea was alive on all sides around the boat. Grey shivering. Spraying again and again between the gaps in the bars but it couldn’t get in. The man said, shush, drink this. She had her milk and the fear grew smaller. Voices called. The ferrygates were falling down.  Rope, rope, we’re to the further side, the island. The man started the engine, here you are.  Looking back through the window, she had seen the land over the sea, flattened and the colours gone, like a pretended place. Then the road bent away and there was nothing but island. And the car had snouted up the steep drive; she was home.


I might post a little from later on in the novel – Kilea’s voice changes as she matures. However it will only be tasters…



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5 responses to “Second Snippet: Intro to Kilea

  1. There is something ominous here that I love. And there is something about the milk, and the oxymoron of the fear growing smaller…nice.

  2. Deb

    Your scene setting is wonderful. I feel such curiosity and foreboding. The whole sea sloshing over the sides, her worn dress… it’s really beautiful. I am already invested in the story. Well done.

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