Aida Stargazing

From a scene not yet written

Just a wee picture today – I’d been doodling this woman lying in the grass looking up at the stars when I noticed she reminded me of the main character from The Millenial, Aida. And then I realised, of course, Aida needs be lying out in the middle of the huge meadow of the Valle Grande, dreamily doing the same. Now it just remains for me to write it, and make it natural…



Filed under Illustration, New Mexico, The Millenial

2 responses to “Aida Stargazing

  1. This reminds me of a Chagall. So whimsical and carefree, and I love the way you’ve worked the idea into your story.

    • I admit I had to look up Chagall, but once I saw a picture of his, it immediately hit me that when I was a teenager, I had a book of great art of the 20th century, and that one of those pictures had captured my imagination. I must have looked at it a hundred times – The Birthday Kiss, by Chagall. Thanks for helping me rediscover a lost obsession.

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