A flurry on the edges of my vision

The Cowgate is riddled with wynds, vennels and tunnels such as this one. I see people going through it all the time, though I've no idea where it comes out.

It is the season of small animals trying to carve out a cosy spot for themselves within human habitations. D and I have met with the newest resident, a tiny, curious mouse. He-mouse or she-mouse made itself known to us by coming to peer in the doorway, before it realised I was looking right back, mildly confused. It lives behind the fridge, I think. I like to believe it traveled around the back streets and closes of the Cowgate before it came upon our building and scrabbled its way in and up the flagstoned spiral stair. I suppose it’s not out of the ordinary in a 300 year old tenement, but I do seem to come across the wee creatures quite often.

In unrelated news, this article is a good reminder: Hallowe’en is coming, time for some spooky literary films. I set aside the claims of hokeyness – I was terrified by the film version of Don’t Look Now, having been to Venice in November one year, when it was dank, and my friend and I got lost in the old Jewish Ghetto, and ended up having to sleep outside the central train station as there was no room to be had for our budget. I’d say I was young and silly, but a few years later D and I and a few of our friends pulled the same stunt in Brussels – but it was far too cold to sleep, so we wandered the dark winding streets of the old part of the city, ending up taking turns passing out from exhaustion in a early-opening cafe, over cups of coffee bought to justify our presence.

Anyway – I would also like a showing of the new adaptation of The Woman in Black right about now, but the release date doesn’t seem to be until February. Other recommendations for literary ghostliness (as long as they are not too gory) are always welcome.


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