You may have noticed that I have not yet put up the link to Team Little Ed’s film from the 48 film project . Soon!

Until then, I thought I’d ask about your views on Tumblr, that strangely-named pin board site.

Do you have a tumblr? Do you know any other writers who have one? I think they seem a fun place to stick quotes, book covers and images that strike my fancy, and posting videos seems incredibly easy. Mine is: http://othernotebooksareavailable.tumblr.com/ but currently I haven’t found any very cool pictures of note books to pin there.

Seems like something I’ll quickly lose interest in, but perhaps not if a like-minded community is there to be found.



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7 responses to “Tumbling

  1. I use Tumblr, and I think the chances of continuing to use it depend on how you use it. With a themed output-oriented blog like yours, I think if you don’t find a like-minded community (or at least some appreciative followers), it’ll be hard to maintain motivation. I use mine like a scrapbook for pictures and quotes; I follow lots and lots of blogs that post the kind of things I like, and repost a few to mine so I’ve got a collection of what I really like.

    That said, there are definitely some very friendly people on there, so, keep it up and good luck!

  2. I don’t have a Tumblr, or Facebook or Twitter or any of the rest of it. I’m keeping it simple: one blog, 3-4 times a week, and that’s all she wrote. The rest of it seems like a time suck I don’t need.

    • I think I write best with a 60-40% time-suck to words typed. This percentage may vary depending on coffee intake.

    • Each to their own. If this person has an idea for a less-wordy blog (and Tumblr is good for that), and there’s an audience for it, surely there’s enjoyment for all to be gained from a little time spent?

      • Hmm, I’ve been thinking too that for Tumblr, you can make it as private as you like really – turn it into a repository of images that trigger good writing. I once found a website that had amazing visual prompts every day – which worked well for me, since I’m all about the sights. And the tastes, but that’s less helpful for the writing. It drove me nuts when I couldn’t find it again, and every google search dragged up something totally outside the aesthetic I was looking for.

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