Grant me rest from the words, but not yet

D, from my sketchbook

Another image after the illustration class. The teacher found something I can do – heads! Not bodies yet, just heads. This is a wee doodle of D, which I did in a whirl of optimism after the evening’s session. His eyebrows aren’t that dark, but I got carried away with shading.

Also, writers: You should probably read this, if you’ve ever heard the little nippy voice of despair in your head. “If you are going to write, don’t go softly.” and “There is only the integrity of the process itself.”

Good, stern words for the fretful. Which today I am oddly not, perhaps because of the creativityBLAST of the weekend and tonight. I should go to bed before the words start rushing behind the eyes, and I decide to stay up all night typing energetic gibberish.



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2 responses to “Grant me rest from the words, but not yet

  1. So many things in that letter were so spot on. “There is nothing tto save you from.” Brilliant.

    And I love the eyebrows.

  2. Thanks Lyra – sometimes, one needs to have a hand holding, while still being told to keep the old chin up.

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