Poor Penwomanship

Today I took the first of an 11 week evening class at the Edinburgh College of Art; Introduction to Illustration.


I’ll post a scan next week of my first creation, but…ooyah, it isn’t turning out terribly well. I brought the materials listed on the course sheet (not provided by the current, very helpful and nice teacher), and no more than that – next week, there will be pencils. And charcoal, and watercolour, things I actually enjoy working in, rather than coloured pens which I wield like a twitchy tween. I had ink in black and red, and now have ink all over my hands. The teacher took pity on my attempts to render the set exercise of the alphabet in pen and splodge, and guided me towards washes, taking note of the fact I seemed to have a grip on what constituted a landscape, somewhat.


So, now I have a stylised drawing that looks a little less eye-achingly awful, and more like somewhere the Moomins might not dread to live (I was working from one of Tove Jannson’s illustrations).


It’s all about the little steps. I haven’t drawn or painted seriously in over ten years.  Now I have art homework, and have to collate a folder of images that will inspire my work – for me they will follow along the narrow ledge of my abilities. At the end of term there is an assessment period I am already nervous about. Let’s hope the talent acquisition curve is a steep upward one.


Think I’ll go and write a paragraph about a picture. Ekphrasis – the alternative for those of wonky hands.



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2 responses to “Poor Penwomanship

  1. “The talent acquisition curve”. Lovely.

    Now I have a name it. Thank you.

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