Notes from a Greyhound Part 2

More scribbles from the uncovered notebook:

Columbus, Ohio – Busy station, 11.30pm. 2 x calls for security. 1 hobo. Next – a couple who were on our bus since Pittsburgh called up by police -escorted away – police carrying gingerly their HUGE gun – from luggage? [this was very unnerving, for all the passengers who witnessed the frogmarch. The two were youngish, quiet, bit emo/gothy looking. At Pittsburgh I should add, there had been an NRA conference going on, see photo. ]

NRA conference in Pittsburgh, the town where the goth kid gunslingers got on...

Payphone rings, echoing, unanswered. [cop scanning the tired crowd, eyeing that phone, letting it ring out]


The Gateway to the West, St Louis

St Louis – Harassing beggar woman [who cornered me in the toilets – I gave her $5 and she looked ticked off and asked for more. I said I was low on funds too, and would ask my husband. Anything to get by her. A cop came out of one of the locked toilets and didn’t blink]

[there were a few other incidents, mostly at night from St Louis to Amarillo, Amarillo to Albuquerque. A hungry stray dog at a truck stop, the psychotic quality the driving took on after midnight, which one had to accept, and believe in having had a happy and full life so far, if it might be ended soon]

Albuquerque – Pink dust, pink sandstone. Clarity of air – huge turquoise sky reflecting the touches of blue decorating the city.

Santa Fe [later the same day] –  Driving there across rolling scrub hills – seeing the treeline (treevein) of the Rio Grande (can’t actually see the river)

– well spaced, smooth lines, art because of the light – instant dryness.

Fall out from bus journey – stiff shoulders, swollen ankles the size of sprains.

Ticking of seeds or blossoms from spring trees [under the door of our motel room, I think I was near delirious at this point]

deep, exhausted sleep – almost paralysed.

The Lovely Pueblo Bonito, Santa Fe. Great owners, lovely rooms - a shame D and I stayed only long enough to recover from our journey, see a bit off the town, and leave for the north.

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