Plans – At Last

Already fading...

This morning, D. got the word that he had been accepted into a programme at the University of Edinburgh…meaning that we are heading to Scotland once again. Now comes the flurry of paperwork and flighthunting that will make it possible. Job-searching too, for me – to find some work that will fire the mind.

Now there is a time limit to New York City. Transition time, in which to think of all we’ve accomplished and failed at, discovered and scuppered.

I expect the tugging at the heartstrings will happen much later though, when well-settled in the city of smoking chimneys. Maybe I will meet some of you there come late August, for tea or hot chocolate, or a trip to the wonderfully creepy museum of childhood? Posting will most certainly continue, as there is much to talk about; change, return, chilliness, chaos…and Kilea, and my second novel, which is staggering awkwardly centre stage once again, under a new name.


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