Location Scouting – A few sights that fired the mind


Jemez mountain area Pueblo ruin - opposite some kind of Buddhist religious area, where men dressed like Catholic priests were marching all in a row, just after dawn

Frijoles Canyon, Bandalier National Monument

Pueblo Cave Dwelling (c. 1300-1600 C.E.) In Frijoles Canyon

Wandering around Frijoles in the early morning while it was still fresh and not too hot was marvellous. We had all the valley, the birdsong and squirrel mischief to ourselves.

Inside the canyon

The sweep of Valle Grande

Another spot, randomly discovered while driving to Farmington after the weirdness of Tierra Amarilla. This photo does not capture even a part of how huge it was, the remnants of an ancient volcanic explosion, now a nature reserve.

Jemez Falls campground - not shown, the freezing damp that gnawed our limbs all the night long

Tumbleweed! Just on the Arizona side of the border. Huge behemoths darting for your wheels...

What will stick in my head is another matter, as well as what I’ll be able to construct out of all this visual flotsam.


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