Down the Well

Where have I been this past week?

Down in the deep dark pit. Writing 1000 words a day.

Flopping over the keyboard, getting up to eat: apple sauce; toast;cake batter; vegetable juice (or drink that, I suppose).

Looking at pretty clothes from a Chinese collective (when would I ever wear this Frida Kahlo skirt? but oh, very pretty).

Walking the neighbourhood. Getting lots of my hair chopped off. Dying it red again.

Reading Independent People, by Halldor Laxness. Pondering the northern island lifestyle – Iceland is (or was) not so different from the Scottish highlands, except in the harshness of its winters and number of reindeer, judging by this.

Wishing for the countryside. Anticipating this: (from

Generally faffing about waiting for the Spring to get itself into gear. Hope yous out there are that wee bit more together.



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2 responses to “Down the Well

  1. 1,000 words a day is nothing to get sniffy about! That’s good progress. I’m very excited to read the new version of Kilea.

  2. Thanks Gill! It just feels like there’s such a long way to go till this new draft is done. One of those days when even making tea is daunting.

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