scalpel, hacksaw, needle and thread

Cutting Kilea:

I finally started the heavy-duty work on the novel – removing an entire scene and rewiring pieces of it into a later part of the novel. I know I’ve left behind gashes that will need fixing later, but for now, the kilea-to-kilea transplant has at least begun. I put the cut text in a separate document – 11 pages. 11 pages I’d worked over three or four times over the last two or three years, and hoped to make perfect, but never could get even satisfactory. Phew. A character will have to be nudged into position a little more carefully before the break, but it is in keeping with the new plot of the novel – which was so much easier to come up with than it has been, today, to make live. This is the really difficult stuff, restructuring, that makes me woozy and have to lie on the bed and wait for the colour of the screen to go back to normal.

45,000 words are almost fine. The rest remains a nebulous bloc, waiting to be picked over and brought into the new form. Mary Shelly might very well have been talking about this kind of thing…

In other news, this blog will be dark for the next week or so. An old friend is arriving in NYC at short notice. Fun in the ice-bitten city, we hope!



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  1. excellent write up here mat.e you are extremely talented & you should be proud of yourself for writing such great blog posts!

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