I have started a long poem, called for now ‘Slender, Salted’. Not much to write about the tippety mess of it yet, so for now here is more of my blurry photos, from wandering about with open eyes…


Interior of an Indian restaurant on 6th street and 1st ave - you have to duck.


A Mural on the wall of the Mars Bar, a tiny, punkish bar I pass in the mornings on the way to the 6 train. It is always too early for the sight.


It was calm and peaceful, last Sunday at the bridge


Lollypop stick graveyard (?) around 67th st


An X-ray of my lungs and heart, pinned to the window, shows Houston St Beyond.


It looks small from up here...and more absurd


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2 responses to “Details

  1. CJ

    The x-ray photo made my day. Would go well with the whale bone arch. For many reason.

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