Itinerary: take the bus 2000 miles, get off and look around.

To make up for the sadness of having to give up the much-beloved Lolita Gru, my husband D and I are going on a special and indulgent research trip.

Because of D’s asthma, the pup would not have lead the fun, free life she deserves, and neither would D, being forced to live day to day in a haze of breathlessness. Now Lolita has gone to upstate new york, with a lovely family with young children who I am sure will dote on her. A hard time was made easier by seeing the joy in everyone’s eyes as they met Gru for the first time, and saw exactly what we had in her; the sweet, devoted boldness in the dark eyes, and the wee white flashes in the black fur. Och, it has all turned out for the best.

So, we have booked our tickets on the greyhound bus, leaving in May. We’re all going to look for America …

After two days on the bus, we will arrive in Albuquerque. From Albuquerque, we likely head North, to Santa Fe, and thence to camp out under the ginormous skies of high desert country. I will make notes, D and I will feast on instant foodstuffs and painstakingly boiled teacups from a tiny gas stove, while the coyotes howl and pace the darkness…at the moment, the plan is a little like a novel in the early stages – a vast universe of darkness, pinpricked by a few sharp wayfare details, far off in the distance. It will be wonderful, and probably disastrous, and definitely an adventure. Some time when I’m feeling in an oversharing mood, I will post about some of the other camping/youth hostelling/general outdoor sleeping I’ve found myself doing. For now I will limit it to saying that both apples and alcopops taste better outdoors, and that if you have a chance to take proper maps with you, do so, rather than relying on dear google to get you by…


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