This Part of Town

…is not like the last.

From the block across the street, a mouth grimaces

The ragged feel of the city is more visceral, vibrant, even in winter.

Broad streets, a different quality to the light

A feminist riff off the old Pagan god, the green man? Or a Jolly Green Woman?

In Queens, where we lived last year, everything felt close and loud without exuberance, an atmosphere produced by the din of the elevated subway and the quiet, overworking diligence of immigrant families. I took fewer photographs of the neighbourhood than I did of elsewhere, desiring more than sights like this:

The most depressing advert ever, Woodside, Queens.

Now I plan to create an appropriately jaunty narrative in these coming months, clicking away at the oddities and that cross my path. It’s certainly true that Houston St/the lower east side/east village caters to drinkers of a more moneyed, playful nature:

The Remedy Diner, for the morning after

And to adventurous eaters:

What must the texture of these things be like? Cross between pork crackling and octopus?

I look forward to peeking about, trying to make a silk purse from it all…


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