The Strangely Named Dog Who Steals Hearts

Photo from breeder:

Lolita at four weeks

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I

1) Lost a friend, a wonderful woman called Irene Gass. She walked dogs in Peter Detmold park, which is where I spend a lot of time. She never had a bad word to say to anyone, would always listen with her bright, acute green eyes twinkling with wisdom and kindess. The dogs loved her. I know she’s at peace now.

2) Figured out that my husband and I will be staying in this big bad city a while longer – and 3)  – went flathunting to enable this. A new neighbourhood will feature on this blog – with my vague ramblings and shaky pictures. I feel it will be helpful for Aida, who even before we decided on moving to the Lower East Side/East Village, had already set up home there, somewhere near that tiny block garden I mentioned several posts ago.

and, as you may have guessed, 4) settled on a puppy….Lolita!

Although she may share a name with the victim of old strange Humbert Humbert (One of my favourite books – so brilliantly cleverly manipulative and dexterous), she was actually named by the breeder, I think because of the slightly Spanish feel the name has. All the other dogs in her litter have names like Tito or Eva or Antonio. She’s a Havanese, the only native dog breed from Cuba. This wee wean was raised by a foster mum because her real mother couldn’t cope with so many pups. She’s one of the smallest, perhaps because of that.

I go all misty eyed and would happily talk all day about her. This last year has been a tough one, not without sparks of joy, but more often a slog of days and days. I hope to write with the pup curled at my feet, in our tiny flat on Houston St. Some dream that is more within reach than many others I have had.

First Meeting. She peeeped and peeeped and fell asleep.



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2 responses to “The Strangely Named Dog Who Steals Hearts

  1. Lolita is adorable! I’ve never seen a Havanese before. I’m more of a big dog person but I’d love to take her home. The only native dog breed from Cuba…you learn something new everyday. I hope you will share Lolita stories in the future. I’d love to read them.

    • Thanks Haley!

      I love big dogs too, but living in a flat it wouldn’t be fair. We picked a Havanese for their intelligence – they’re always pausing to look around and see what’s going on – and because they don’t tend to cause allergic reactions because of they don’t shed their fur. I hope to post more about her, but not so much it overwhelms people!

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