Beginning Anew, Carrying The Old

I have been kept away from writing by the chaos of Christmas and New Year: I don’t use chaos lightly – food poisoning, chasing wild turkeys, walking on the surface of a frozen lake for the first time (the banner header shows lily pads trapped there) getting caught in the (still beautiful) maw of a snowstorm, skidding on road ice, stuck on frosted subway trains, forced to sleep over because said trains stopped running entirely…all minor dangers, but still fun.

A Frozen Lake in the Endless Mountains of Pennysylvania

Wild Turkeys Running from Gawkers

Scene of Times Square, 26th of December, from a warm car

Less fun has been the two rejections I received from publishers in the US – I feel that perhaps Kilea will find a happier home at a UK publishers. I am happy with how it is now, though willing to dig in, if anyone will take interest.

Also not so fun is planning our next move. Deciding whether to stay in this great city or go back to my homeland, a choice that came up with the running down of our lease, is not the simplest. Which place will be better for work opportunities? For writing? For the soul? Events have come together, and it seems the former is the option for now (with the idea to move back to Scotland towards the end of this new year), and so, back to the challenge of navigating the rental market in NYC.

What I hope is that my novel will benefit from extra insights gained while here. Experience is vital to writing, to cultivating the necessary compassion and acumen. A little discomfort and homesickness now will be repaid in a more sensitive touch later. 2010 was a year of many hurdles and rough patches, and 2011 may be more of the same. Well, it’s easy to count oneself fortunate despite this – while you are loved and have much to learn, life can never stagnate.

I have no resolutions, and the words will keep sprouting, like the first pale snowdrops.


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