Extract – The Valley

The car turned off the good road, into the valley. There was a stream cut in the banks, padded with damp and drier kinds of earth. It was summer, Margaret said, the rain hadn’t come down heavy in a while. The valley road crossed the Arroyo, sending up dust that would stain the tyres.
“The flood creek,” she said. “It’s good most of the year, but some days it’ll run with really brown water, really strong, and no one will be able to get through easily.”
We. There was a house, in fact, and some smaller adobe buildings that looked like a row of stores, deserted now. What were those?
“Empty buildings,” said Margaret, “from a hundred years ago.” That was her place over there at the end of the road. The one that stood alone at the end of the valley with the slatted shutters of the windows open. Worn in, but otherwise solid, like the kind of painted brick, two-story house found in old, ivied suburbia – English suburbia. But for the milk-green shutters – a continental touch. A decrepit porch added the American accent. Instead of a lawn, there was the scrub desert, lapping right up to the steps. It was dreadful to see, thought Aida, who had never known gardens to contain anything but grass, collapsing plum trees, flowers and practical herbs. To the side of the driveway (also rocky sand, cleared a little) there was one tree, twisted up but broad. A tire at the base indicating the branches had been hale enough once for a swing, and the grey leaves of it were falling gently downward, without end.


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