Little Slopes & Hillocks

I have received a rejection for Kilea from an agent whose represented the author of a book I admired. Ah, momentary pause for sadness and reflection.

I had sent her a partial, but it did not live up to my cover letter premise for her.  I understand, and like every other author, try to keep my head up when someone does not care for Kilea. I don’t love or even like every book I read. I doubt there is anyone who loves everything they read.

Although I believe it would be a fun life for them, bursting at the seams with epiphanies:

“Wow, this treatise on hammer pressure in relation to depth of nail implantation is soooo intriguing!”

“Did you know this cereal has iron and foliates in it? Iron! I had no idea…”

But people have preferences and while I envy the joy of the person above, totally indiscriminate love of words in arrangement verges on the deviant.

Imagine them wandering the library of Babel forever in ecstasy…


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