Every day now I try to stick to 400 words. At this rate it will take me some time to get to the 60,000 I’m aiming for.  I want this novel to be slender, and quick and bright. This is hard because my natural tendency is slow and wordy and image-based.

So to get me motivated I bought a writing companion. A curious but silent one. When I have a desk to put him on, he will watch over me, insuring diligence and paucity.  He has no name yet, but that will come. Lots of time yet.

My lucky mascot – a crowntail Betta Splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish.

The most interesting thing so far is that the novel appears to edge towards the comic, or at least the absurd. I suppose a woman’s journey into the desert by herself to build a house and greenhouse is rather ridiculous. She doesn’t know anything about what she is getting into. Neither do I for that matter. I might put up a bit of rough prose later in the week to give a taste of it.

I hope the Betta approves.


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